Work Smarter and Not Harder

Work Smarter and Not Harder

by admin

All of us want to know how to plan a work schedule to have more spare time away from work. The old saying that you want to work smarter and not harder is something each one of you would love to adapt. Something you have to remember is that nobody will fire you when you arrive at work on time and leave when the clock strike when it is time to leave while the rest of the workers are still slaving away.

That is only when you have worked smartly and did useful work instead of wallowing in shallow work all day to pass the time. I have seen many people who appear incredibly hyper-productive and all the while appear to be scurrying from one task to the other, running errands, making calls, organizing something and “staying busy”. However even when you envy them for hard work and possible success and promotion before you, they might be mindlessly productive.

This results in a total waste of precious time doing menial tasks while you could be doing things differently. I want to share my method of planning your work schedule to be more productive at the office and have more time for yourself.

Time management is vital in a decent schedule and the golden rule is completing important tasks first. This you do by identifying crucial daily tasks that you simple have to do.

Secondly you have to focus one hundred percent on those specific tasks. When you have more than one browser open on your computer, juggling your phone, or chatting to co-workers you are distracted and your focus divided. Thus concentrate on one task instead of trying to multitask and extending the task further than you should.

Forget to recheck unimportant details constantly even when you are a perfectionist. When you have a project with many details including minor details, concentrate to press onward instead of constantly re-examining your work. Revise your bulk work afterward and you will find you took much less time than before to complete the job.

Do not hassle with the entire to-do list and get overwhelmed before you even started. Many make that mistake when thinking of the massive t-do list and not realizing how much time they waste simply by thinking about it for a very long time and wondering how they will get through it. Your focus should be tackling the vital among the tasks, and take them one by one as soon as you walk in.

Do not read emails first thing when you walk in, leave them until all your important tasks are done. Then also streamline by unsubscribing from many lists you do not need and remember that when you go to your email inbox first you are distracted from important tasks often for hours on end simply because of all the distractions in your box, which are more often than not unimportant and wasting time.

Batch your related tasks together when you start instead of approaching it in an order that makes no sense and wasting time. Group tasks and complete those consecutively as different tasks require different thinking methods.

An important tip to share is that at all times you have to have fun as anything you enjoy is done with excellence. When you enjoy what you do, you want to spend more time doing it and finishing it well in order to do things that is even more fun, such as having a night out with friends or loved ones.

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