Stay Fit at Your Desk with These Simple Exercises

Stay Fit at Your Desk with These Simple Exercises

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We do not always have the time or opportunity to leave everything and go for a bike ride or jog every day, however do not give up on exercise altogether either. You might be surprised to hear that you could actually keep fit while at your desk without even interrupting your hectic workload. Some will take a few minutes out of your routine while others do not even require you leaving your desk or getting up.

Feet tapping

Simple, yet effective while you are working. Start by tapping your feet fast like you would when running on the spot, alternate with slowly and increasing and your heart rate rapidly starts rising. Your blood circulation improves and your legs muscles will fell it too. The downside might be the noise if you are not in a carpeted office, but solve that little obstacle by investing in a small floor mat or get co-workers to participate.


Invisible, soundless, yet effective squeezing is excellent for your buttocks and abdomen. You squeeze either one of those for as hard as possible for fifteen seconds, release and repeat for as long as you want.

Shoulder Rolls

While seated you simply roll your shoulders forwards for a set of fifteen and follow it with the same in backward rolling for a set, rest and repeat several times.

Calf Raises

A seated calf raise is done with forward pointed toes, inward or outward. This is excellent for lower blood circulation when you sit with a straight back, squared shoulders, lift your heels and contracting your calves. Do three sets of ten each.

Triceps Chair Dips/Push Ups

Sit at your chair edge with flexed knees and forward body and flex your elbows. Now drop your torso down, extend your elbows and elevate your torso back up. Three sets of ten would be great to start with.

Circle Leg Lifts

Sit in your chair, extend one leg forward with pointed toes making small circles in one direction ten times and reverse the directions for ten more and repeat these sets.

Single Leg Lifts

While at your desk, extend a leg and hold it for twenty seconds and lower it. Repeat the same leg lifts fifteen times before doing the other leg and repeat the sets as you want.

Leg Crossover Stretching

While seated, cross your legs and rotate your upper body to the opposite side of the bottom crossed leg and hold for twenty minute. Repeat the other leg and other side and do three sets of five each side.

Lateral Neck Flex

Flex your neck to the left then to the right while seated for sets of fifteen each side.

Elbow to Knee

You still sit at your desk, however you cannot do it while typing or working, but great when you read your screen or take a five minute break. Sit straight with your hands locked behind your head and bring your right elbow to your opposite knee, hold for two counts and sit back up. Do this with the other side too and repeat as much as you want.

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