Social Activities That Make Office Work Fun

Social Activities That Make Office Work Fun

by admin

Working in an office or large department does not have to be boring and nobody knows anything about the person sitting at the desk next to him or her. Going to work, being dedicated and delivering your best does not mean you cannot love what you do and enjoy the people sharing the same office or department as you.

Meeting new people in other departments are excellent too in expanding your work horizons. Most large corporations have team building and corporate events especially in place, but it still does not mean workers cannot implement their own form of social interaction to make an office job more exciting.

Spelling Competitions

A great fun activity that is incredibly great for children is easily adopted by corporate employees, and that is the spelling words that you must have played or done at school too. Employees have the opportunity to stir up a fire storm while having great fun and instead of the simple words, use tough words mingled with easier ones. It is amazing how simple it is and how intelligent people spit out difficult words easily and struggle with easy ones. It is great to allow everyone to contribute words and have an office competition.

Caricature Drawing

Everybody is not an artists but especially in a creative department and any other department too it works exceptionally well and great interactive fun. Workers draw a picture of a co-worker and even if it is a weird scribble or funny highlight of a prominent feature like hawk nose, ducktail moustache or weird hairstyles it is great fun to see. You can have guessing games where everybody guesses who the picture belongs to and you could also have a prize for the best resemblance.

Creativity Contests

Place items like matchsticks, plastic rings, sponges, glitter paper, straws, or anything you wish into a bag. Make it a creativity team contest and see which team makes the best product and design with the items in the bag. It is often used in team building exercises in creative and design companies, but fun office activity.

Potluck Lunches

We all love sharing food that we have cooked and since you cannot show off your culinary skills in a home atmosphere you can show your creative side at the office with pot luck lunches. When it is a small office allow one person to bring lunch for the entire office one day and take turns to give everyone a turn with food you’re prepared at home. A great idea is taking your lunch along with everybody else’s and place it in the designated area and when lunchtime comes enjoy someone else’s lunch while they munch your own.

Earn your Seat

It is boring sitting at the same desk and same spot in the office for years on end, isn’t it? Have you ever wished you could sit at the window, want to sit closer to the coffee station, get out of the corner cubicle? An excellent social activity that enhances office camaraderie is allowing people to earn their seat. Have office games going like the above mentioned and make the prize a specific seat. The winner choose their seat and spot in the office.

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