Generic Questions

Generic Questions

by admin
  1. What is a good and relaxing lunchtime activity at the office?

    Gambling and gaming has always been a favorite way to sharpen your mind while relaxing during lunchtimes at the office with most websites smartphone optimized.

  2. When is a good time for busy office workers to exercise?

    The best time for a busy office worker is an early morning routine as it pumps you full of vitality and energy for the day ahead.

  3. What is the best height for office desks and work platforms?

    The best and proper height for work platforms and office desks are 28 to thirty inches as sitting height when they are no taller than 5’10 inches. Shorter and taller individuals need a different height or ergonomic chair.

  4. Why is frequent breaks important when working all day?

    A single long break does not refresh or enhance your mood and mind as much as frequent breaks. Get out of your chair every hour, stretch your legs, grab some water, go to the loo and you will be more focused and keep your brain sharp.

  5. What is healthy and low calorie snacks to eat at the office?

    Nuts, seeds, chopped vegetables and fruit are excellent as it is not messy or large meals. Try to eat every three hours and snack in-between on your carrot or celery sticks, sliced apples, small banana, strawberries or mixed berries, cucumber slices and stay hydrated.

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