Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace

Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace

by admin

Individuals spending the whole day sitting at a desk in front of a computer often not even realize the huge amount of strain repetitive movements and position put on their bodies. You might be surprised to know just how bad traditional office environments are to your overall health. Yet you cannot simply give up and find another job in all probability and making the best of your situation by giving your workspace an ergonomic makeover is what I would like to share.

My first suggestion is a standing desk as it is the largest culprit of office environment in its promotion of ongoing inactivity. We all know that lying down and continuous sitting is hugely sedentary behaviours, which lead to chronic diseases and obesity. Eliminating being physically idle all day long is considering a standing desk.

An ergonomic chair is another great option especially when a standing desk is not viable. An ergonomic chair should have swivel and rolling action, have an adjustable backrest, adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests and a comfy cushion for great body support.

Something else which is very important is the eight of your desk and if a desk is too high or too low and your chair is not adjustable it further damages your body and thus health. Sitting at your desk your wrists must be neutral and if you cannot keep it neutral invest in wrist rests.

When you lean either up or down in focusing on your computer screen, your body is under unnecessary strain too. Always keep your computer screen adjusted directly in front of you at eye level. If it appears difficult, raise your chair or prop up your computer to the right height.

Your posture might not make sense when reading an ergonomically optimized workspace post, however aside from office equipment are you more important in creating an ergonomically optimized workspace. The perfect, most expensive workspace setup will fail when you are not sitting right at any desk. Fine tune your posture with sitting up straight, keep feet flat on the floor and avoid hunching and stand up every hour.

Keep checking yourself throughout the day to ensure you are sitting correctly as any office worker from customer services, financial analysts, lawyer and secretaries all have the same danger of negatively affecting their backs and necks. This leads to bad overall health and I hope these steps will allow you to make the most out of workdays.

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