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Hi fellow office workers, corporate employees and everybody else who are in the workforce. I am Lance Penning and I am an IT geek who have never done anything else except spending all my time at my desk in front of my computer until my health caught up with me.

My love for computers and starting at a large corporation a few years ago has increased my work day and my hours have always been longer than was good for my overall life. As office worker you know well that working behind a desk is largely a hugely sedentary lifestyle that requires different planning in order to stay fit and eating habits must be adapted accordingly.

Even though my job is important and part of who and what I am, I realized that my health is of equal importance if not more important. Without my health I would not be able to do what I love in the first place. I became close to being obese, had serious chronic conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol and more. The severe back aches I suffered paired with headaches stiff joints and complete unfitness is what caused me to slow down and take into retrospect my eating habits and complete lack of exercise.

Today I can say that I have shed close to fifty pounds simply by changing my eating habits and mild exercise which I will share with you via this blog. I am not into extreme sports, do not lift weights and definitely not an ultra-runner, however I exercise every morning and eat local, whole foods with plenty of water daily.

I have one single aim with my blog. I want to show you that you can still love your job as much as I do and become healthy and remain healthy too. Your mental and physical connection are so closely intertwined and only a healthy body can host a healthy and intelligent mind.

I will share practical advice and tips with you in regards to lifestyle and diet changes for all office workers and sedentary jobs. You can sit at your desk, do what you have to do to survive or love doing what you doing with a fit and positive outlook and a healthy body.

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